Winter Days in Akranes - Events at the Folk Museum

On the 16th-19th of March in Akranes are the so-called Winter Days, where Akranes´s institutions, companies and townspeople take part in brightening up the town with all kinds of culture and life.

This year there will be two events at Akranes Folk Museum. 
Josefina Morell has her exhibition "Treasures of the Sheep" where she shows her collection of objects and utensils that she uses to sheer, comb and spin the wool from her sheep from Giljum in Hvalfjörður County.

Silja Sif Engilbertsdóttir will also have her solo show "Spring"

The museum will be open during these days from 13pm - 17pm and the admission is free.

Silja and Josefina will have an official opening on Friday, March 17 at 15pm and they invite you to enjoy refreshments.

Happy Winter Days!