The Boathouse

In 2014, began the design and planning of a boathouse, built over the boats owned be the Akranes Folk Museum.

The boathouse is a one-story, 424 square meter, wooden structure devided into four main sections: three boathouses and a pier house, with openings between all individual parts of the house. The building is not insulated, allowing for natural ventilation. The walls are constructed by interlocking timber frames using timber joint and wooden pegs. They are anchored to timber posts and extended down to the pier floor, and unlike most modern buildings, it does not have a solid concrete foundation. The walls are covered with vertical paneling, and the floot is partly made of timber with a gravel surface. The boathouse is an exhibition space within the Akranes Folk Museum, and work is being made to set up an exhibition about the history of fishing and costal life in Akranes and its surraounding area, Hvalfjarðarsveit. The restoration and maintenance of the museum‘s boats being exhibited, will be a part of the museums ongoing exhibition.