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In her pop art exhibit, "Where are we going?" Tinna Royal ponders the existential crisis of everyday life and the drama it entails.

Tinna was born in 1982 and has lived in Akranes for most her life. She studied at The Akureyri School of Visual Arts and graduated in 2013. Tinna is a lively, progressive and creative artist who is worth paying attention to. Tinna deals with a variety of subjects in her art. She is an imaginative artist who is constantly evolving. She works with fun subjects that she puts in a new context. These include how she manages to arouse interest in product design and highlight an interesting and artistic surface of products that have been a part of our lives for years.

Those who want to get to know Tinna's art are pointed to Tinna Royal's facebook page, Tinna Royal's Instagram og tinnaroyal on Snapchat.