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Where are we going l Tinna Royal

(Smellið fyrir íslensku)

Tinna Royal is known for her adventurous visual pop art world and deals with everyday drama and human interactions. The artist combines new and older works in the exhibition “Where are we going”. The pieces are based on extractions from comics that the artist has gathered over the years and assembles characters that would otherwise not have met. In her works Tinna allows the visitors to make up their own stories and let their imagination run wild when interpreting the pieces.

The 9 artworks in the exhibition are traditional painting as well as sequin paintings. The 6 sequin paintings are from 2014 when Tinna lived in the north of Iceland studying at the Akureyri School of Visual Arts. There she plays around with the unconventional materials that are sequins and beads, where they are attentively handsewn into the canvas and make up the artwork. The artist exhibits them together with 3 large paintings from 2020, where she works with the same concept and methods of combining characters from different comics to make up new storylines on existential crisis and mundane drama over absolutely nothing. Spectators can seek and find her adventurous ways of signing the art works, it can be made into a game of who will find it first.

Tinna was born in 1982 and has lived in Akranes for most her life. Tinna is a lively, progressive, and creative artist who deals with a variety of subjects in her art that she puts in a new context. These include how she manages to arouse interest in product design and highlight an interesting and artistic surface of products that have been a part of our lives for years.

Those who want to get to know Tinna's art are pointed to Tinna Royal's facebook page, Tinna Royal's Instagram og tinnaroyal on Snapchat.