Other buildings

The fish-drying shed, owned by Jón Gunnlaugsson from Bræðrapartur, was built around 1890 and used to stand above Skarfatangavör. The shed was the last of its kind in Akranes. It was moved to Akranes Folk Museum in 1961 where it was rebuilt.

The boat shed is a reconstruction of a traditional boat shed and was presented to the Museum in 1961 in memory of Jón Gunnlaugsson. The shed was built to house Jón´s rowing boat, Sæunn MB 9, which can be seen inside the Akranes Folk Museum.

The smithy was built in 2013 for the Nordic Championship of Blacksmithing, which was held at the Akranes Folk Museum that same year. The Museum and the Icelandic Blacksmith Association cooperated in building the smithy.

The shark-curing shed was built in 2003. Such curing sheds used to be common and this one is modelled on a shark-curing shed at Drangar in Árneshreppur in Strandir. The curing sheds used to play an important part in the preservation of food.

The boat house is the museum's newest building. (more information coming soon)