The Templar house

The Templar house or "Stúkuhúsið" used to be situated at Háteigur 11 and was originally built as a barn and cow-shed around 1916. The local IOGT chapter, Akurblóm no 3, active in Akranes from 1887 until 2000, acquired the building and renovated it in 1950 so that it could be used for its activities. The IOGT children's chapter, Stjarnan no 103, also met in the house and a variety of entertainments took place there. The town‘s council meetings were held in Stúkuhúsið for a number of years. The Akranes Folk Museum acquired the house in 2004 and renovations were finished in 2007. Today the house is used for various museum functions.

You can book Stúkuhúsið for meetings and other smaller events here

Pictures inside the house