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          Akranes Folk Museum         

The Akranes Folk Museum

The Akranes Folk Museum was the first one to open at the Akranes Museum Centre (1959). It is situated on the ancient manor of Garðar. Garðar had a church and a parsonage from the early days of Christianity in Iceland until the last part of the 19th century.


The museum preserves a comprehensive collection of exhibits from former times, bearing witness to farming, housekeeping and social conditions in and around Akranes. Among the exhibits on display is a rowing boat with full rigging from 1874, a selection of other items connected with seafaring and fishing, models of boats and ships, a gun from a coastguard vessel and a pair of trawl-wire cutters from the so called Cod Wars with the British. It also preserves tools and equipment of doctors and midwives, old cars, a smithy and the tools and instruments of carpenters and other tradesmen. There is also an excellent selection of photographic and cinematic cameras and equipment, and numerous exhibits connected with postal and telephone services, and with recreation.



The Akranes Folk Museum has been popular with visitors since it was opened, and is counted among the best folk museums outside Reykjavik, both by Icelanders and foreigners.






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